We have been offering these innovative technologies for many years and today we are proud to be able to benefit from this experience. We keep a very close relationship with the producers we choose and we carry out their and our ideas with determination.

Tecnologie Pompe di calore

Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps use the principles of thermodynamics to transport energy from the external environment (for example from the air) inside buildings, with reduced electricity consumption and therefore with great efficiency.
They can be used for space heating and cooling, as well as for the production of domestic hot water.

Since they are electrically powered, the Heat Pumps do not emit CO2 directly into the atmosphere and therefore do not require smoke expulsion pipes.

Compared to boilers fueled by gas, diesel, LPG or wood, they guarantee savings of up to 60% on the bill. Because they are powered by electricity, they can be easily combined with photovoltaics, allowing for sustainable and energy-independent projects, releasing the building from energy management costs.

Tecnologie Distribuzione

Thermal distribution

In modern systems, the distribution of heat or cool can be carried out using different types of elements, based on the desired level of comfort, but also depending on the grade of thermal insulation of the building envelope.

The most common are represented by floors heating, fan coils, split units, radiators, or ducting systems in corporate projects.

Photovoltaic panel covered patio.


The photovoltaic allows to transform the sunlight into energy, thanks to the characteristic of the semiconductor, in particular silicon, to produce electricity when it is irradiated by sunlight. It is therefore an extremely simple and totally ecological energy conversion process.

The materials of which the photovoltaic module is made (aluminum, glass and silicon) are completely recyclable and their disposal is therefore extremely simple.

Photovoltaic modules have a long life, up to forty years. They are managed by inverters, which are sized according to the power of the system and its characteristics.

Tecnologie Solare Termico

Solar thermal

Solar thermal is a proven technology for many years.

Its main function is to produce domestic hot water mainly in the spring, summer and autumn months.

In many cases, the combination of photovoltaics with the heat pump has supplanted solar thermal, which remains an interesting solution in applications with high summer DHW consumption, such as tourist accommodation and sports facilities.

Tecnologie VMC

Controlled mechanical ventilation

In buildings with thermally performing and therefore energy-efficient projects it is essential to equip the internal environments with ventilation systems to enable adequate air exchange, in order to avoid the formation of condensation and therefore mold, allowing to benefit from a good indoor air quality.

The aeration process takes place in order to ensure the efficiency of the building thanks to the heat exchange that takes place between the outgoing air and the incoming air.

Woman using smart home app on her cell phone

Home automation

In high energy performance buildings plants automation play a crucial role. It is equally important to be able to control them in a simple and adequate way.

Thanks to automation technology, which has reached high quality standards, everything can be managed in optimally, locally or remotely, with great ease.

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