The adoption of predefined design standards according to the type of application targeted by the intervention, even if with the necessary modeling on the specific project, has always been one of our main objectives. The main design criteria that characterize our interventions can be summarized in:
• Reduction, even up to zero, of energy consumption
• High living comfort
• Simplicity of system management

Soluzioni Ristrutturazione-costruzione

Renovation or new construction

Renovation interventions, as well as new buildings, offer the possibility to choose between various types of products and solutions.

Soluzioni Riqualificazuone residenziale

Residential energy requalification

Generally, residential energy redevelopment gives possibility to carry out a radical energy transformation of the home.

Soluzioni Riqualificazione aziendale

Corporate energy requalification

This type of destination offers very high efficiency possibilities.

Soluzioni Fotovoltaico a noleggio

Photovoltaic for rent

This solution allows companies to invest in photovoltaics by taking advantage of the economic returns generated by electricity production without sustain any cost and risk.

Chelli Energy Solutions - Environment

The environment is very important to us and our projects always take care of this.
With the aim of accompanying companies that want to consciously label themselves green, also for aspects of commercial development and greater the possibility of placing their products on the market, we offer dedicated services, such as the measurement of their Carbon Footprint, Energy Management, also arriving at the production of Carbon Credits with projects linked to economic development in developing countries.

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